Why Therapy?

We often wonder what happens in therapy; we know by the results that it changes lives.

As a therapist, I counsel with you to:
live a healthier, more productive life,

become more self aware

communicate effectively

identify your needs & wants

set goals and work towards them



I. Crisis counseling

Short term, crisis focused counseling there debriefing and quick constructive efforts towards reducing symptoms and improving the critical situation.  Typically 4 - 6 sessions.

II> Problem focused therapy
Many people start counseling due to a specific situation that has become overwhelming.  With problem-focused therapy, the focus is on one situation or issue, such as:
- loneliness or social isolation
- break up or divorce
- the death of a loved one
- witnessing a traumatic event
- anxiety about change
- creating healthy relationships

- Typically 10 - 12 sessions

II. Depth psychology

In depth psychology, we work to uncover, understand and find words for what you are experiencing.  Healing gradually, honoring your struggles as you find richer self awareness and deeper life satisfaction.  

Typically, 12 sessions and beyond.